Why Putting People First Makes Good Business Sense

No business that strategizes around making people happy by giving them a voice and a sense that they have a stake in your business will experience less wealth. In the simplest sense we are talking about building relationships and communities around our business and the products and services we produce.Here’s the bottom line: Putting people … Continue reading

Happiness Matters

Happiness is the driving force behind everything Americans do. It is the key to determining their wants, needs and desires. It is the essence of the American Dream and is as important as the air you breathe.Even our Declaration of Independence calls for the pursuit of happiness. And yet a 2006 study by the Pew … Continue reading

What Is Your Homepage?

The Wall Street Journal made this semi-entryway for – as the title recommends – everything computerized. The Twitter Times. The New York Times’ Media and Advertising page. Here are the tabs that dependably up when I begin Google Chrome (my present web program of the decision): Everything Digital. What does your landing page and tabs … Continue reading

Your Blog Is Your Business

Your Blog is your business unless it’s not your business. In the event that you Blog as a specialist, that is fine, however in the event that you’re Blogging to develop your own profile, assemble your business, make some similarity of thought initiative or to just share some of your contemplations and thoughts, nothing is … Continue reading

When The Web Is Considered An Inferior Media

Backpedaling a couple of years, the Internet was not viewed as a solid media source. That changed, yet it’s evolving once more. Recently, Paid Content ran a news thing titled, Condé Nast, Enlists Web Edit Staff For Samsung Advertorial. Individuals are currently additionally distributors and brands (and Marketers) are distributors as well. Indeed, their lone … Continue reading