Louis Vuitton – A Journey

Ogilvy Paris debut’s their first television commercial for luxury brand Louis Vuitton continuing with the theme of their recent print and interactive work for the brand. I’m not going to lie if I say I wasn’t hoping for a Scarlett Johansson cameo, who’s most recent appearance in LV’s print campaign can be viewed here, butinstead we see a montage of journeys, asking us whether “the person create the journey, or does the journey create the person?” This is the same message from their now infamous Gorbachev print piece that resulted in a barrage of tin-foil-hat-wearing controversy surrounding the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Turned out that the photographer for the shoot in question, Annie Leibovitz, was the culprit to blame, having purchased a handful of random magazines in order to make the bag appear to be full. More on that can be read here.As for this spot, Laure Bayle was Agency Producer with Christian Reuilly as acting CD. Bruno Aveillan directed this piece for Quad Productions (Martin Coulais was the producer, Philippe Lesourd the DP, and Bruno himself managed all the camera work).Manual Beard from WIZZ Paris did the post production with editing done by Fred Olszak (Bruno Maillard was the Flame Artist with the music credits going to none other than famous movie composer Gustavo-Santaolalla).Interesting piece for a brand’s first foray into the realm of television commercials. This piece will air in 13 different languages in select theaters/cable/satellite channels throughout 2008. If you notice, it’s not your typical :30 second spot either, this one clocks in at around 90 seconds. The reason for that?“The choice of the exceptional 90-second format enables Louis Vuitton to take the time to convey the true and enriching essence of travel as a process of both discovery and self-discovery,” said Antoine Arnault, head of communications at Louis Vuitton. “Time is the ultimate luxury.”Nicely put, especially with the cost of each second of media time these days…… “Time IS the ultimate luxury.”


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